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Services we provide

When considering your future, what do you want out of life? Are you wanting to seek the best and your dream life for the experience you deserve?

Coaching & Mentoring

EnVision Life Solutions provides ongoing or once off coaching, mentoring and training to enable you to find your vision, mission, purpose and values and apply your skills for significant results. This is for people who are seeking more out of life who want to generate success through knowing what they want.

These coaching, mentoring and training sessions are conducted by a qualified coach and counsellor who is passionate about your future. Your sessions will be structured to help you gain access to your deepest desires while putting your vision, mission, purpose and values into writing for you to focus on, maintain and develop over time. You will know where you are going and be less likely to fall into the plans of everyone else.

Empowerment Programs

EnVision Life Solutions also provides programs and events specifically tailored toward women who want to rise up. These programs enable you to become more empowered and to break the glass ceiling when it comes to your life. Seeking the best out of life and knowing where you are going is essential as a person in this day and age.

In life there is much opportunity and it's important to live your life on your terms. As you grow and learn from these programs, you are better able to succeed in a world where it has been challenging for women in the past where there is hope for the future of people to be equal and rise to any occasion in all areas of life.

Vision & Values Determination

EnVision Life Solutions provides you with the tools to determine your vision and values to shape your life, know what you want and focus on that achieving significant results. Through this work, you will be able to know where you are going, create boundaries based on this and envision your life the way you want it to be with great power.

Through this process you will uncover your true destiny and desires to enable you to live with quality of life and a sense of joy. By knowing your plans, staying true to them you are able to make clearer decisions, rise up powerfully and appreciate your life. This is a journey worth embarking on to secure your future.

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